Eating Veggie in Marbella: The Beach House


Well, it can’t be summer forever and my nine days in Calahonda have come to a bittersweet end as I write the finale in my three-part ‘Eating Veggie in Marbella’ series. I hope you’ve had the chance to check out my El Oceano and Terra Sana reviews for your next visit to Costa Del Sol and please let me know if you have any veggie-friendly recommendations for my next visit to Marbella. In the meantime, read on for my review of The Beach House in Elviria.

Love At First Sight?

As the name suggests, The Beach House is located right on the seafront in Elviria. They offer sun, sea and sand on a platter and if you’re a beach-lover then you need to visit this restaurant.

After spotting a photograph of the original ‘Beach House’, an old-fashioned ‘chiriniguito’ on stilts brimming with dishevelled beach bums, it is easy to see what lies at the heart of this salubrious restaurant. While the food and entertainment might be luxurious, it is the freedom and fun of the beach that truly inspires The Beach House. It certainly delivered as we enjoyed a night of wonderful live entertainment, laughter and the added perk of watching the sunlight fade over the ocean.

I mention the entertainment because it was La Negra Mayté Duo that really made our night stand out. You can catch this gorgeous Spanish duo singing and playing funky guitar every Friday night at The Beach House and I highly recommend it; they had everyone up on their feet singing and dancing by the end of the night.



 A few of us opted for some lovely Strawberry Daiquiris to start the evening off. While the drinks were not particularly strong, the Daiquiri tasted just like freshly made strawberry jam. Our cocktails were followed by a selection of warm bread, garlic butter and olives. I don’t know how they managed it but The Beach House made us go crazy for such an ordinarily mundane entrée. The seeded bread was mouth-watering especially with a generous helping of garlic butter melting on top. As for the olives, nobody at our table can confess to being fans of olives but these were delicious. There was just something so light and inoffensive about these Mediterranean treats so we scoffed every last one.


It didn’t stop there. The bread and olives were followed by a delicious teacup filled with roasted aubergine and garlic cream. This little cupful of soup was so dreamy. Would you laugh if I said it tasted like an upper-class Pot Noodle in the best way possible? And so far… all vegetarian-friendly!

For starters, I opted for the vine tomato, chilli, leek and cheese tartlet. I was giddy when the thick slice of cheesy pastry arrived topped with a gorgeous salad and creamy sundried tomato mayonnaise. Every bite melted in my mouth and made me look forward to the next. The other vegetarian option was a caesar salad finished with pesto dressing. It’s not a meal I would’ve chosen myself for fear of it being too plain but I was intrigued to see what would be delivered when my boyfriend ordered it. I was proven wrong as the salad came in a bowl of crisp filo pastry and the most delectable caesar dressing. I have to give The Beach House a lot of credit for making a very simple salad so delicious and I would definitely get this next time I visit.

Main Courses

I apologise for the poor lighting in these pictures but the sun had thoroughly disappeared by the time our main courses arrived so I was relying on the quaint candlelight and the power of my camera flash.

Although the selection wasn’t vast, the vegetarian options were pleasantly inventive. The vegetarian dish of the day was a spinach and feta linguine with red onion and garlic sauce and you could also choose a Malay style curry with lentils and organic veg and a side of homemade naan, pakora and rice. I chose the pasta dish which tasted a lot better than it looks in my picture. I surprisingly loved the addition of black olives (again, I’m not normally a fan but these were particularly tasty) and the chunks of cheese were heavenly. My boyfriend, Jamie, opted for the curry and I was lucky enough to steal a bite. I was envious of how wonderful it tasted and the pakora was so crunchy and delicious. However, the naan was flavoured with too much aniseed for my liking.

My main and only criticism of The Beach House is the portion size. The main courses were a bit too big. The heat, cocktails and all those entrées made for a stifling end to the meal even if I did manage to squeeze in half a dessert afterwards. Trust me, I am a big eater and even I couldn’t finish off the linguine – as much as I wanted to. I recommend skipping the starter (as wonderful as they were) so that you can really enjoy your main. Then you can sneak in a dessert if you’re still hungry. We shared the chocolate meringue mousse with salted caramel sauce and it was to die for!


Overall Impression

While there weren’t a whole horde of vegetarian options to choose from, what was there was more than enough to satisfy. Where The Beach House lack in variety for vegetarians, they make up for in an amazing ambience, huge flavour and hearty portions. I would recommend The Beach House to anyone looking for a fun, relaxed evening with fantastic entertainment and tasty food to eat while you watch the waves roll on to the sand.

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