Classic Bibliophile Literary Designs

Ever get so super excited about a product you just wanna squeal every time you look at it? That’s how I feel whenever I catch a glimpse of my beautiful literature inspired jewellery by Classic Bibliophile.

Who’s Behind The Brooch?

ClassicBibliophile is ran by the lovely Lauren from Devon. In an attempt to make a little extra cash, Lauren first started making Steampunk inspired jewellery several years ago. However, it didn’t capture her interest enough so her ideas developed into literary designs. With encouragement from her dad, Lauren turned her passion for books and reading into her creative outlet.

Lauren has many plans and prototypes for business expansion so keep updated by following her on Instagram. You don’t want to miss out. She is looking to add home decor items as well as jewellery to her shop and can’t wait to reveal them to us all!

Outlander Giveaway

I first came across ClassicBibliophile on my epic hunt for all things Outlander for my Instagram giveaway (which you can find on my Instagram account or check out over here) I thought the Outlander inspired brooch was just stunning so I reached out in the hope that Lauren would like to get involved with my Highlander giveaway.


Fortunately, Lauren was more than happy to share her designs with all my readers and followers and sent me her Sassenach necklace especially for all you lovely Outlander fans! The lucky winner of my giveaway will get to keep it forever alongside an AlohomoraDesign tote and Mulderie Wood candle! It is the perfect way to finish off your OOTD and subtly show off your love of all things Outlander.

I Am No Bird

As for me, Lauren discovered my love of all things Charlotte Brontë and I now own a stunning Jane Eyre set (necklace and pendant earrings) to cherish forever. I have been wearing my ‘Thornfield’ necklace every day so I’m carrying a little bit of Jane Eyre with me everywhere I go.

Something For Everyone

ClassicBibliophile jewellery come in a wide variety of quotes, colours, shapes and sizes from brooches to rings to earrings. Sherlock Holmes fan? Try this ‘Watson’ ring? Are you a Shakespeare lover? There’s loads to choose from! What about Alice in Wonderland, Charles Dickens, Narnia, Breakfast at Tiffany’s? ClassicBibliophile is literally a book-lover’s dream.

Lauren focuses on classics for her inspiration because its her favourite genre to read (hence the name ClassicBibliophile) but if you don’t see what you’re looking for you can place a special request for your favourite piece of literature. Lauren is more than happy to create some modern or YA pieces for custom requests too. Just contact her on Etsy.

What Are You Waiting For?

If you’re stuck for a gift idea for the literature lover in your life then you should definitely consider a piece of vintage-styled ClassicBibliophile jewellery. Not only are they unique, and a memento to keep forever, but they come beautifully packaged in little boxes. But don’t wait for someone to buy you one… Treat yo’ self! Why not wear your favourite book around your neck or on your fingers? I can’t think of a prettier way to show off your passion for books.  

You can find Lauren’s wonderful literary designs on Etsy or by following her on Instagram and Twitter.

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