Vanity Femme Glow Dust Review

Review by Zina Nouhas

It’s all about the GLOW!

If you are a lover of highlighters, or are new to the scene and looking for one to splurge on, you are in the right place. Today, I want to discuss a “must have” to add to your make-up collection. It’s sparkly, glittery, and shines bright like a diamond.

It’s the Vanity Femme Glow Dust!

Vanity Femme (aka, Mariyah) is a MUA/beauty blogger who is based in Glasgow, Scotland. Recently, VF and her team launched a brand new product to the make up world called “Vanity Femme Glow Dust.” Glow Dust come in a range of  various of colours (originally four), and thanks to the high success of her launch, VF teased fans with a brand new colour, “Rose Plated.” Isn’t she just the sweetest? All together now, there are five different colours that are currently available to order. Not only does Vanity Femme sell her own highlighter, she also has a wide range of lashes. Oh, that is not all. She takes seminars all over the UK and is pursuing to take them International too. Yass – you go, girl!

What’s next? A lipstick range? I, for one, would LOVE to see that.

I have been following Vanity Femme for a long time now, and as soon as I heard she was launching her own highlighter, I knew I had to invest in them. Back in May, I preordered two of her highlighters, “Gold Caviar” and “Crushed Pearls”, and recently just received them, after her launch date on August 5th. You could say the excitement was unreal – after patiently waiting months to receive them! (Watch the slideshow below for my personal pics of VF’s Glow Dusts!)

Let’s breakdown 5 important points on VF’s Glow Dust:

  • Number 1: the packaging was top notch! Vanity Femme treated buyers to a luxurious black present-like box, and inside, contained the Glow Dust itself along with black pretend diamonds. This kept it right in theme with her glitzy glam glow dusts. Not only that, but the package also had a picture of Mariyah herself, and on the other side was a Katherine Hepburn quote. Nice touch, VF!
  • Number 2: the products are NOT tested on animals. Yay to animal safety! Nah to animal cruelty!
  • Number 3: Despite it being small, for paying £20’s for it, I can state the product is well worth the (debatable) pricey cost. It’s important to note that due to the highlighter being so pigmented, you only need a small drop of it, on your brush, each time you use it. Therefore, the Glow Dust should last a while, meaning the investment is defo worth it.
  • Number 4: the glow lasts ALL NIGHT! Yes, m’loves, you’ll be glowing all night long with Vanity Femme’s Glow Dusts on yo’ face.
  • Number 5: Um, nothing more to say other than …

Go get your GLOW on!

Make sure to check out Vanity Femme on all social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube), and most importantly, her very own webpage – where you can BUY her Glow Dust and also her lashes.

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