Wee Tree Soaps: Part 1

Everyone loves to pamper themselves. Put on a candle, run a bubble bath and choose a lovely soapy product that smells like bubblegum or lavender, so good, right? Then you end up with a red rash or a UTI because of the high levels of fragrance and chemicals that just don’t agree with you. It was my body’s adverse reactions to commercial skin care products that sent me on a hunt for high-quality products or “dupes” which were not only cruelty-free but natural and kind to your skin. Cue Etsy: I searched for vegan soaps and found the Wee Tree Soaps store. I was immediately enchanted by their products which look good enough to eat!


As a Scottish blogger, one of my main goals is promoting handcrafted products from Scotland so it is an added bonus that Wee Tree Soaps is, like me, Ayrshire based. Then I discovered that Wee Tree Soaps are actually manufactured in my hometown: Irvine. What are the chances? When I realised this, I knew I had to get my hands on some of these gorgeous soaps. Not only because they are earth and skin friendly but because they are conjured up right on my own doorstep.

It turned out that Leigh, who makes these incredible soaps, has actually known me since I was a little girl! These products are made in my old street where I have the fondest childhood memories. Some of which include playing with Leigh’s kids who lived round the corner. After chatting about old times, Leigh was more than happy to send me a few products to try. I’m trialling Dead Sea MudHoney Oatmeal Scrubby, Spicy Cinnamon, Avocado and Tea Tree and Tangy Tangerine.

Since I have five soaps to review from Wee Tree Soaps, I am splitting this review into two parts to allow for a proper look at each product. All of Leigh’s soaps are free of palm oil, animal products, and artificial colours/fragrances. She made her soaps with her daughter’s eczema in mind because most bath products would irritate her sensitive skin: a feeling I’m sure many of us can relate to. They are fantastic for anyone suffering from eczema, psoriasis and allergies and perfect for anyone looking for a luxury artisan treat without nasty chemicals. The first of my five to try was the Dead Sea Mud soap which I opened on my first night staying in my new flat in Edinburgh. Here’s what I thought…

Dead Sea Mud


Dead Sea Mud is a muddy treat: beautifully packaged with a lovely marbled effect. I love the quaint tree stamp that adorns every soap; it really makes you feel like you are using an earth-friendly product. It doesn’t give off a huge scent other than a subtle buttery avocado smell with a hint of citrus from the May Chang essential oil. For me, this is proof that there are no artificial chemicals in use so, if anything, it enhanced my experience.

Like all of the Wee Tree Soaps, it is great for sensitive skin. It is marketed more towards mature skin because of its nourishing ingredients. The oils used in this product will draw moisture into the skin, act as a natural barrier between your skin and the harsh elements you face every day and keep your skin feeling regenerated and moisturised as well as providing a lovely bubbly lather.

I used it on my hands, body and face. I don’t recommend using soaps on your face because they are too astringent. Despite all the nourishing oils, this product was still too drying for my face. Leigh also makes Facial Bars which I’d love to try. However, I absolutely love it for refreshing my hands and body. I really wasn’t expecting much of a lather with a chemical-free soap but I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how bubbly it is! It doesn’t take much coaxing to froth up – a tiny bit of water goes a long way. Speaking of water, it is really important to keep your product dry and use a good draining soap dish. Because it’s chemical-free, it will just turn to mush if it lies in water for too long. Keep it dry and your Wee Tree Soap will last a very long time.

Oh, and it’s only four quid on Etsy!

 Honey Oatmeal Scrubby


Having oily and acne-prone skin, a decent exfoliator is key to maintaining a good skincare regime. This Honey Oatmeal Scrubby does the job whilst being cruelty-free and skin-friendly. It does contain honey so may not be suitable for some vegans.

Why do I love this soap? This exfoliator uses ground oatmeal to provide a natural exfoliant. Many high-street exfoliators contain harmful plastic microbeads which are terrible for the environment. These beads go down your drain, into the sea and subsequently into the food chain. According to this article about microbeads by Greenpeace, 90% of birds now have plastic in their stomachs! By swapping out products that use these dangerous beads for an all-natural soap like this, you could make a big impact on the environment as well as your skin.

Like the Dead Sea Mud soap, this soap contains loads of natural skin-loving oils which keep your skin feeling soft and supple as well as providing a bubbly lather. I’m sure many of you will know that the use of honey for beauty goes way back! Women have been bathing and using honey throughout history to keep their skin looking radiant, it’s been used in folk medicine to treat illnesses and various ailments and it’s just generally really good for you. While it doesn’t have a strong fragrance, the combination of honey and oatmeal gives it the faint smell of sweet porridge.

I use this in the shower (do not leave under the water for too long) to scrub the dry skin on my body. This is a great soap to use before applying fake tan or for anyone who feels their skin is looking dull and rough. Unlike many exfoliators, it is very gentle but leaves your skin looking healthy and shiny.

Again, it is a mere £4 on Etsy so fetch yourself a bargain today. This is a lovely gift for vegans and for friends and family with sensitive and irritable skin.

Next time I’ll be reviewing Avocado and Tea Tree, Tangy Tangerine and Spicy Cinnamon!

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