September 2016: Home Inspiration

Hello and welcome to another monthly round up of all things cute and cosy. Yes, it’s a couple of days late; I’ve been swamped with moving home, starting THREE new jobs and my course but better late than never.

I’ve recently been introduced to the Danish term: hygge. It’s everywhere these days and basically it is the art of cosiness. My September home inspiration is all about the bits and pieces I have filled my new bedroom with in an attempt to create my own little slice of hygge in Scotland’s capital city. Let me know what products you’re loving as Autumn is rearing its pumpkin shaped head.

Nicola Sturgeon/Mean Girls Print from The Fuzzy Bee Paper Company, £11 


I am besotted by Marisa’s gorgeous illustrations over on the her online paper store The Fuzzy Bee Paper Company. This hilarious and imaginative Nicola Sturgeon meets Mean girls art print really sums up what Marisa is doing with her stationary and greetings cards. It’s all about pop culture, humour and making people smile.  Marisa is super talented and if you’re looking for something a little less politically charged then there are tonnes of other amazing prints on her website.

You can read more about my love affair with The Fuzzy Bee in my full blog post: Buzzing About The Fuzzy Bee Paper Company.

Honey Oatmeal Scrubby from Wee Tree Soap, £4


This isn’t exactly home style inspiration but the gorgeous packaging and earthy design of the Wee Tree Soaps make it an essential for your bathroom decor. All you need to do is pop one of these on good draining soap dish so that it doesn’t turn to mush and let your guests bask in some skin-friendly, earth-friendly loveliness. I got this adorable faux grass dish from a nearby Flying Tiger store for like £2. Leigh’s soaps are made for sensitive skin, they don’t contain any animal products and they are packed with skin loving ingredients. I hate to mentioned the C-word but I really recommend buying one of these as a Christmas stocking filler!

For more information about why I’m loving these soaps, see Wee Tree Soaps: Part 1 and to buy yourself a beautiful vegan soap bar, go to Etsy.

Edinburgh Girl Print from Claire Barclay Draws, £10


Okay, I’m just having a general love affair with Scottish paper companies right now. Claire Barclay is making the cutest Scottish culture pieces out there. My flatmates and I marvel at this adorable Edinburgh Girl print every morning over breakfast. The best part is: Claire creates personalised prints so you can get your hometown/favourite city scribed on to one of these gorgeous A4 art pieces! Claire also makes personalised pet portraits amongst Buckfast  and Frosty Jacks inspired illustrations. Oh yeah and you can get a BRAW 15% off all purchases until the end of October with my FOURTHMONTH15 code!!!

I’ll be posting a full blog soon but in the mean time visit Claire Barclay Draws Etsy.

Embossed Latte Mug from Tesco, £1.50

FullSizeRender 3.jpg

My main goal is to promote the amazing work that local and independent companies are doing but once in a while it’s nice to throw in a bargain that is easy for everyone to find. This month I’m absolutely loving my big latte mug from Tesco. This was a lovely housewarming gift from my best friend and I drink my coffee from it every morning before facing the stresses of University and work life. It’s minimalist, pretty and it costs a mere £1.50. Next time you’re thinking about buying a Pumpkin Spiced Latte treat yourself to a new long lasting coffee cup instead. If you’re not a coffee drinker, you can use it to store make up brushes or pens and pencils in.

Here’s the link to grab your own latte mug!

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