Zoella Lifestyle: Indie Dupes

Everyone is going nuts for Zoella’s gorgeous new range of lifestyle and homeware goodies and  I can see why.

They are beautiful and very affordable. The rose gold, copper and marble theme  is 100% on trend and a blogger’s dream-come-true. I would be lying if I said I’m not tempted to invest in her On My Travels set but the truth is there are thousands of incredible handcrafted and independent stores online who are doing the same thing with nowhere near the same amount of exposure!

Zoella’s success is incredible and inspiring to any blogger or any female with ambition but, let’s face it, she’s a millionaire and I think she will cope with a few less sales if some of us opt to support independent stores instead. So I’ve compiled a few dupes to spark your imagination. Next time you find a high-street product that you adore, why not search Etsy for an independent/local equivalent? All of the Etsy stores I have included in this post are UK based and none of them have sponsored me to write this blog.

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Zoella ‘Write on Point’ Pencils, £5 versus PoshGirlCo ‘Time For Champagne’ Pencils, £5


Like I said, Zoella’s pencils are really on trend with their rose gold and copper design but the quirky and celebratory messages that feature on every PoshGirlCo pencil make them really stand out. According to the Etsy store: “they’re designed from the comfort of silky pyjamas, snuggle blankets and a glass of rosé.” My personal favourite is their girly Time For Champagne Pencil Pack! Their pencils make a great gift; there are multipacks for graduations and weddings and for those with wanderlust they have a cool City Pack. I love supporting independent designers and PoshGirlCo was set up by two Fashion Marketing and Graphic Design graduates in England so it’s awesome to see the work they’re creating post-University. Their designs are so up my street and I’m enchanted by their “crazy, pink, confetti world.” They are  going straight into my Etsy wishlist!

Zoella ‘My Eden’ Candle, £10 versus MoBros ‘Wild Bluebell’ Classic Range Candle, £9.99*

I can’t find any information about the size or burning time of Zoella’s new candle range (that’s strike one for me already) so I guess they’re about the equivalent of the wonderful MoBros Candles‘ Classic Range. The Classic Range candles retail at £19.99* which is pricy but FEAR NOT: MoBros offer a whopping 50% off all of their Classic Range candles when you use the Mo50 discount code at checkout. I also offer a unique 10% discount code for purchases on their site: APRIL10. The ‘My Eden’ fragrance is described as the scent of a garden in full bloom: Fresh roses, jasmine and luscious geraniums float on a warm summer breeze. Similarly, the Wild Bluebell candle has top notes of crisp green leaves, bluebells and hyacinths and mid notes of jasmine, freesia, orange and gardenia. If you like soft floral scents then I seriously recommend this candle. It is one of my favourite fragrances ever and MoBros produce some of the highest quality candles I’ve come across. Bonus points: it’s an independent company based in my favourite city, Glasgow, and Jonathan who runs this small company is a seriously lovely guy! I’ve written more about why I love their candles in my Everything You Need To Know About MoBros Candles blog.

Zoella ‘Naps Fix Everything’ Cushion, £12 versus PopTeeCush ‘Nap Queen’ Cushion, £14.99

Fellow nap-lovers: if you are looking for a cushion that professes your love for napping on your behalf but also want to support independent shopping then look no further than the awesome PopTeeCush store. As their name suggests they make pop art pieces, t-shirts and cushions and I’m really digging this ‘Nap Queen’ cushion. Yes, it is slightly more expensive than Zoella‘s adorable throw cushion but you can opt for the cover only at £8.99 and buy your own cheap cushion insert if you want to save a few pounds. The PopTeeCush design is definitely aimed at the more suave and sophisticated nap-lover and will make a great addition to any bedspread or couch. Sunday afternoon snoozes will never be the same again!

Zoella ‘Once Upon A Time’ Journal, £12 versus RachelEmmaStudio ‘Stop Perfectionisting’ Journal, £7.50

There is a myth about buying independent and handmade products that they’re always more expensive than their high-street and commercial siblings but this gorgeous rose gold foil notebook by Rachel Emma Studio disproves this as it’s a mere £7.50 compared to Zoella’s £12 journal. Personally, I think the handcrafted RachelEmmaStudio notebook is prettier and I love that it is handcrafted with love. AND they accept custom orders so you could get your notebook customised with your name or your favourite motivational quote. They do loads of cute designs which are similar to Zoella’s trendy lifestyle range. I’m also loving the Read More Books Print.

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